ProxyWatch 2.0 Internet Filtering System Upgrade.
SFI and the Olympics.
Mailrover: Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus Email Service Launched.
SFI Adds New Local Number Tracker.
SFI Expands Dialup Access Nationally & Internationally.
U.S. Representatives and SFI Attack SPAM.

*Welcome to Smartfella Internet Services*

Unlimited Dialup Access

Unlimited Internet AccessHigh-speed dial-up access. Lightning-fast connections using high-speed 56k modems. Extensive nationwide coverage with dial-up phone numbers throughout the United States, Canada, and Asia. We've got you covered! Our expert customer service representatives are always ready to assist you in making your Smartfella Internet experience the best it can be. You can also choose between filtered and unfiltered Internet access.


Broadband Internet Access

Smartfella Internet offers DSL services in most major cities throughout the United States. Blazing high-speed Internet access at your fingertips.DSL provides fast access and constant connectivity at cost-effective prices.

Coming soon is our exclusive fixed wireless service which runs 10-20 times faster than DSL, cable modem, or other competing wireless services. Stay tuned for more details shortly.


Web Hosting/Services

Smartfella Internet has a new automated system that allows you to setup your very own domain name (.com, .net, or .org) quickly and easily. Our automated system will register and setup your domain and email you FTP upload instructions when completed. It's never been easier to get your business online. SFI's can provide your business the total Internet package, including web site design and E-commerce capabilities.


Internet Family Filtering

Breathe Easy! Your family can safely explore the very best the internet has to offer. Our high quality filtering technology blocks access to pornography and other inappropriate material before it enters your home.SFI's filtering is Server Based, not computer software; therefore, there is no need for our customers to continuously update their software. SFI uses only the very best filtering technology available on the market today.


Anti-Spam/Virus Email Filtering

Your computer system may be more at risk from viruses and spam than ever before. SFI's new MailRover Spam and Virus Sniffer provides the latest technology to protect you from the flood of viruses and spam infecting the Internet. MailRover builds a virtual mailfence that protects you through a sophisticated server-based system. MailRover automatically sniffs out spam and viruses before they ever hit your e-mail in-box. Protect yourself from spam and viruses today.

Ask The Expert!

The most comprehensive Question & Answer resource that provides answers to any Internet technical support question and/or any question you might have on any subject. This special feature allows you to chat, online, directly with an expert. In addition, "Ask the Expert" utilizes "push" technology to send Web pages to your desktop to facilitate the information you requested. Give it a try and see if you can "stump" the Expert! It's FREE as a Smartfella Internet subscriber.